Affliate marketing


Affiliate marketing or intelligent marketing is the most advanced form of digital marketing. In this we are pushing the advertisements based on customer search history for easy and quick conversion.

You have to pay only once the action/Sale is performed. To be a part of this marketing website has to go through following brand building exercises.

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Plan is divided in 3 Phases



For few months we will be concentrating on Branding part starting with Google Ad words, SEM & Social media first. This will help  in increasing your search visibility over search engines & also increase your Ad visibility.

SEM and FB
SEM and FB


After 2-3 months, we will start with display branding consisting of CPC/CPV campaigns. From SEM campaign, we will come to know which zone or websites are good for you, then we start adding these for CPC/CPV campaign. This we will be running for a month in continuation with SEM & social. This helps in bringing  high quality traffic over your website.


Performance Market

After 4 months, when we have ample traffic over your website, then we will start with Sale based campaign focusing on your ROI.

SEM and FB

Budget Required

Phase 1


Duration : 15 Days

  • SEM
  • Google Ad words
  • Social Media

Phase 2


Duration : 1 Month

  • Branding
  • Display CPC/CPV

Phase 3


Duration : Continuous

  • Affiliate Marketing