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Greetings to all readers. Let us discuss a very commonly faced issue in this blog, import of data into a database through a program. Programmers and client organisations equally dread the upload of legacy data into the database while installing new software systems as well as modifying existing systems. Even in day to day applications there might arise situations where we need to write bulk data into the database. Everyone is interested in easier methods of exporting and importing data. One commonly used method is csv files.

A csv file contains data that is either exported from a database or to be inserted into a database. The first row contains the column names and the remaining rows till the end contains data. While uploading the file we have to validate the file format on client side as well as from the server side. After file uploading we have to read the file and split it into the values that has to be stored in the database. To make these tasks easier I have started using either data tables or entities.

Let us discuss how to import csv files easily

Using DataTables
Using Model

Both methods have advantages and disadvantages. To insert data into database, we need to first split the file it into rows and then split it into columns. Then we can write code to insert values into the database.

In both methods, most of the uploading concept are same. First I will explain the common codes. Sample code for file upload:

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