Explore Your B2B Market – A LinkedIn Strategy Share

In December 2002, Reid Hoffman, founded LinkedIn, a complete professional-oriented social media network across the world. Currently 225 million members across 200 countries are using LinkedIn effectively..
My experience with LinkedIn motivates me to write a blog for all marketers as I find so many people are still struggling to connect and do business. Most of them are investing huge amounts of time and money in marketing without getting any ROI.
LinkedIn is a powerful tool to develop business and professional relationships. It's a complete professional network for any type of business and for job opportunities. Through LinkedIn, we're able to correctly identify our core audience by searching using company name, title, function, and groups. We can easily communicate our ideas, perceptions, news, comments, jobs, and everything via LinkedIn to our specific community or audience.
LinkedIn plays a vital role in technical marketing nowadays. Sharing business-centric news, blogs and articles helps turn more attention to your business. Following are some tips to improve your marketing or business through LinkedIn.
Whatever may be your business, most importantly, you should identify and focus on your target market and audience first.

Here are 8 wonderful tips for marketers.
1: Profile Update:

The profile tells everything about you. If you are a marketer or business development specialist, or a CEO, CTO, VP or anybody who is looking for a wonderful platform to develop your business in an effective manner, your profile is the right place where you can present yourself.
Here you should showcase your skill sets, experiences, interests, achievements, awards, education and whatever else that may be needed to impress your audience, or to develop or accelerate your business.
Through your profile, you should prove that you could be very valuable to your connections.
Your profile photo will add value to your profile as it confirms that you are a genuine person and not a fake identity. Add your company details, company page, presentation, videos and anything else that is related to your career and other initiatives. Maintaining your company profile and updating your pages and blogs will attract attention and gain you more followers.

2: Advance Search

After creating a good profile, you should determine your target audience. You can reach your core audience by searching using place name, title, profession, skills, industry, company size etc.
Advance Search is a more effective way of finding the right audience. You should be very clear on the keywords you use for searching. Advanced Search offers a wide range of options to get the right results. You can filter your results by company name, company size, location, title, relationship, years of experience etc. Once you get your expected result, you can save your search.

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